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Staving Off the Winter Blues

Staving Off the Winter Blues


A photo exhibit explores the streets of the Caribbean’s new it spot.

CUBA_JonathanHansen_02Max Hansen Carversville Grocery, in Carversville, is hosting “Cuba From a Different Angle,” a photography exhibit by Jonathan M. Hansen, the younger brother of Max Hansen, the chef and owner of the gourmet grocery shop. The exhibit features images captured by Jonathan M. Hansen during his trips to Cuba over the last decade. A senior lecturer and faculty associate at Harvard, Hansen is writing a biography on the young Fidel Castro, his third book. He’s a self-taught photographer. Last spring, he exhibited at the Belmont Gallery of Art, in Belmont, Massachusetts, his first solo show. “What I do have, some people say, is a good eye,” Hansen says. “In Havana, I also have a lot of time, as Cuban archives typically close at 4 p.m. That gives me several hours with nothing to do before the evenings but explore and walk many different neighborhoods, old and new, restored and crumbling, commercial and residential.” The exhibit will run through the end of the month. An artist’s reception will be held January 15 at 6:30 p.m. Max Hansen will be preparing Cuban-inspired snacks and drinks. He also plans on serving a variety of Cuban cuisine at the grocery throughout the month.CUBA_JonathanHansen_03

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