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TV Lifts In The Garage For The Ultimate Man Cave

TV Lifts In The Garage For The Ultimate Man Cave

With a TV Lift, the garage is the new place in the house to hang out

Only a few years ago, the home garage was characteristically known as the place for working on the car or the latest household task, or for just storing junk. But that changed in short order once we stopped relegating the TV to the living room and bedroom. Add a TV to the garage, and suddenly you’ve got that man cave you’ve always coveted, or an out-of-the-way space for your teenage children to hang out (and spill freely).

Regardless of its use, wall space in the garage can be hard to come by. Enter the TV lift.

Using that unused corner space

If you’re looking into TV wall mounts that swivel, consider utilizing a corner post. The angle of the swivel is controlled via remote so it can be adjusted easily whenever the light changes or you switch your viewing location.

Using the ceiling

If your garage has a ceiling, TV lifts that swivel can be installed there. When you’re ready to watch, the TV lowers into the garage and then swivels to the position of your choice.

Because of the thinness of the TV, a flat panel TV lift can usually be installed in the ceiling. Whether you choose a flip-down lift, a fold-lift, or a drop-down lift, the ceiling is often the favorite place for concealing a TV, and the garage is no exception.

Finding the optimal place for a TV in your garage ultimately depends how you choose to watch it. If you spend a lot of time there, consider your activities first. They’ll describe your viewing style—active or passive. The former prioritizes a prime location, more for you and your guests than the TV, because there are only so many places to sit. While the latter suggests an out-of-the-way spot that makes the most of as little space as possible.

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