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Toughest Estate Clearing Challenges

Toughest Estate Clearing Challenges

Hoarding Recovery & Estate Clearing–
Why Our Approach Better Supports Your Family

When a parent passes away, his or her loved ones are often left with the enormous task of settling the affairs while still processing their grief. However, if that parent suffered from declining mental or physical health later in life, they may also find that the condition of his or her home has deteriorated greatly. While hoarding behaviors affect thousands of Americans, older people with health issues can be particularly susceptible. If you’ve discovered that your parent’s home is a much more serious project than you anticipated, consider seeking professional estate cleanout services, like those offered by Clutter & Hoarding Pros.

Unlike standard junk removal services, our team specializes in estate removal services in which we help cut through the mess and clutter to restore a property to livable or sellable conditions. We know that your family wants to recover precious mementos, valuables, and more. Rather than come in and empty the home, we take a layered, meticulous approach that respects the dignity of both your loved one and his or her possessions. We want to make this easy on your family and help you feel like you never have to bear any of this burden alone.

We encourage you to make a list of your goals. For example:

  • Are there particular items you are looking for that you believe are in the home?
  • Do you want some items to go to a local charity?
  • Are you hoping to sell the home, and if so, will you be doing any remodeling or major improvements?
  • Are you trying to salvage items to sell?
  • What is your timeline for project completion?

If you and your siblings are struggling with where to start on your parent’s estate, let us show you how we can transform the home while salvaging whatever you family needs.

About Author: Clutter & Hoarding Pros of Orange County CA, you will get an all-inclusive service
led by compassionate, honest people that walk with you every step of the way, from cleaning out your home to getting the proper post-care treatment you need.

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