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A Heat Wave in the Dead of Winter

A Heat Wave in the Dead of Winter



Our favorite spice guys are out with a limited-run balsamic vinegar.

We’ve been worshipping at the church of Saint Lucifer Spice for quite some time now. Its subtle heat adds some assertiveness to a lot of our staples—hummus, mac-and-cheese, chicken, nuts. In fact, it’d be easier to list the stuff we don’t put it on. (Cereal, BTW, is a definite maybe.) Tom Hewell and Ted Ebert’s latest creation may be even more versatile (and addictive). Saint Lucifer Divine Nectar ($24) is habanero balsamic vinegar that, just like the spice, gives the tongue a little kick before it slides down the throat. Hewell and Ebert played around with the recipe when Saint Lucifer was in its infancy. A collaboration with the Ocean City, New Jersey-based City2Shore Gourmet saw it through. Divine Nectar’s being produced in limited supply in Modena, Italy, the home of the world’s most refined vinegars. Stock up and drizzle it over cheese and roasted veggies, for starters. Then reach for the ice cream. Trust us. —Scott Edwards

Photo courtesy Saint Lucifer Foods

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