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Finding A Great Soul Food Restaurant In Anaheim California

Finding A Great Soul Food Restaurant In Anaheim California

Where do you want to go to eat? For some, this question is the beginning of an endless abyss of “I don’t know,” followed by an exhaustive sigh of finally settling on an experience that is interchangeable amongst the multitude of innocuous restaurants in the surrounding area.

By contrast, how many times has a region, however small or out-of-the-way, seemed like an enticing travel destination simply because of the deeply satisfying eating that it promises? Now, what if that unique experience could be had at home?

In Anaheim, if you’re pining for a casual dining, southern food restaurant, it’s time to become acquainted with Georgia’s. Founder Gretchen Shoemaker promises a dining experience that is as close to a taste of the Deep South as it gets in SoCal.

Many describe their food as soul food, but few articulate exactly what makes theirs a soul food restaurant.

A simple glance at Georgia’s menu, however, offers all the proof you need that this is the real deal. Sweet potato pie, collard greens, meatloaf and fried chicken—these are the dishes that trigger our visceral association with soul food. And it’s in that moment that you realize just how precious a commodity it is in these parts.

A good restaurant leaves you feeling satisfied. A great restaurant leaves you talking about the food as you make your way back home, a promise to return as soon as you can to try something new, a sweet taste that lingers through the next morning. Georgia’s is that kind of restaurant. The sensation of a moment seized—Oh, that chicken—and a moment squandered—I ran out of room—twisted up together inside of you. The craving building anew, even as you try, hopelessly, to get comfortable, you and your overly full stomach.

Visit Georgia’s Yelp page to find out more.

About the Author: Gretchen Shoemaker, the heart of Georgia’s would tell you it is the food you get when you cook with your whole heart and soul.

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