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Elizabeth Classen – Chief Publisher

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Refined has come to mean simplified. We’re eating cleaner and living more efficiently. This purification’s led to a reawakening of the senses. Indulgence, now, is biting into a lush tomato just plucked from our backyard gardens. It’s dozing on cool, organic cotton sheets as a gentle breeze pushes through an open window. And in rediscovering these nuances, our worlds are drawing closer. Saturday-morning errand runs lead us, more and more, to outdoor artisan markets instead of strip malls. Dinner parties are inspired by the farm-to-table meals we’re being served at the ambitious but humble BYOBs that are spreading throughout our neighborhoods. Intricate identities are being forged a few blocks at a time all along the Main Line and the Delaware, through Bucks County and central New Jersey.

Home + Table is your field guide to these fashionable new communities. In print, in-depth features and honest photography will expose the character behind the catalysts of this movement. Online, we’ll deliver the latest lifestyle trends and events with a hyper-local sensitivity to ensure that you’ll know where to find your next favorite bite and kitchen makeover inspiration. The new face of our region deserves an embedded, thoughtful magazine to illustrate its maturation.
Home + Table is it.

H+T Media Kit 2018

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